This week we are entering the domain of Perthro the rune of fate, mystery, play and wyrd. This rune requires us to look fate in the eye and say ‘I’m okay with where we are, I’m okay with doing my part to get where we need to go’. It requires us to surrender our expectations and participate. Be present. 

Watch the recording of Middle Earth Readings below for more on the planetary movements and rune readings for this week.

We are currently in a major ‘Perthro’ shift that started in January 2020 and will play out to its conclusion in 2029. As Frigg’s Chariot and Odin’s Chariot join Hela’s Chariot in Perthro this is a great time to open to the gateways, initiations and opportunities coming through 2023. If you would like a bit of inspiration and help with that, here are 3 opportunities to step powerfully into your new calendar year. 

Book your personal gateway session

Start the year with a personal seership, energy work and coaching session crafted specially to help you step into the next evolution of your life and work.

Join the Hearthspace inner circle 2023

Do you want to experience the northern tradition beyond what you can read in a book? Then the Hearthspace circle library and 2023 events are perfect for you. Offered through voice, seership and embodied practice in a safe and private on-line space. This year we will be working with the deities and spirit guides who are the exiles and edge-dwellers of the northern tradition. We will be accessing their wisdom through monthly rune readings, exploring their myths through story and oracular channelling and embedding and integrating our experiences with them through our meditation and embodiment circle. 

PLUS, if you join as an annual member you will receive as a special gift of the Magin Rose winter ceremonies of connection through which you will meet the deities and spirit guides whose teachings and wisdom are featured in your 2021 and 2022 Hearthspace library of circles.  

Join Sunna's Star Wheel 2023

If you want to initiate or deepen your practice of runic astrology this year then now is the perfect time to join Sunna’s Star Wheel. Your investment is just £45 for a full year of support in developing your understanding of and practice of working with the energies of the planets and
the runes. This package is delivered to you via a private on-line members area with your content plus a monthly email and audio talk sent direct to your inbox.

PLUS you will receive a free ticket to my Runic Astrology Masterclass and opening to 2023 ceremony which will be held on zoom on Monday 2nd January – the recording is also included in your package

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