A truly magical way of working with the runes is to draw a single rune and then look for its energies throughout the day; this opens you up to your inner seer and mystic. This week with the Full Moon in Othala my invitation to you is to draw a rune and seek to honour and create its energies within your day. This opens us to the path of the magician; helping us to appreciate how fate is always a co-created act between the individual and the universe. Honour the rune, woo it, become it.  

Middle Earth Readings draws on ancestral wisdom to help us forge new pathways into self and community leadership for soul-workers, edge-walkers and highly sensitive heroes. Your host Maggie Rose Cunningham combines more than 25 years of spiritual practice with cutting edge leadership and development training to support you in your soul care and career growth. Visit www.maginrose.com or join the Hearthspace group (www.facebook.com/groups/hearthspace) for more.

Winter Ceremonies

Through December I am hosting three winter night ceremonies to invite in the wisdom of the ancestors. Simple, peaceful, soulful. Filled with story and space for reflection. Light and shade, summer and winter dancing together.

Three evenings of story, ceremony and connection.

Journey with the ancestors into the arts of hearth tending, the mysteries of soul wounding and the experiences of edge-dwelling and exhile.

Friday 9th, 16th and 23rd December at 20:00-21:30 London time. Hosted on Zoom.

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