This week the energies of Eihwaz, the yew tree and enduring power of life, and Jera, the rune of the year are rising. Draw deep of what you need, allowing the rune you select for yourself this week to enter your soul and offer its healing. As the solstice draws nearer we look over the horizons ahead and behind. Honour the road you have walked, the promises spoken in your secret heart that you have kept, resilience, resolve and re-imagining. Offer your wishes for the road ahead to the Moon and stars; speak the desires birthing in your soul – for they are the seeds of the future to come.  

Middle Earth Readings draws on ancestral wisdom to help us forge new pathways into self and community leadership for soul-workers, edge-walkers and highly sensitive heroes. Your host Maggie Rose Cunningham combines more than 25 years of spiritual practice with cutting edge leadership and development training to support you in your soul care and career growth. Visit or join the Hearthspace group ( for more.

“One early dawn as they hung upon the thread of a cobweb and became the dew upon its silver tendrils the sound of voices drifted into their attention upon the wind. Soft and low and filled with something never heard before. Something they would come to know as story, carried by voices golden-toned and silver-bright, old familiar stories re-woven in the spaces between hearth-makers when they come together. Stories of life and death. Of mattering. Of care and sorrow and tenderness and bitterness. Tales of breath-taking courage and exquisite beauty. Songs carrying laughter, wisdom, sharp-humour and healing balm. Songs forged around the fire, in the cooking put, upon the ever turning limb of the spindle.”

This is the voice of Embla, destined to become the first human woman. Listen to the full recording of the first Winter Ceremony “Hearth Tending” when you purchase your ticket to the 3 Winter Nights ceremonies. Our second ceremony takes place this Friday 16th December 2022.

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