Nostalgia whispers of the past, desire whispers of the future. Our challenge is to balance both of these within the present moment, to feel the energies and stories of that which was and that which must be lightly. This is the art of destiny-weaving; to learn from the past without being controlled by it, to strive for our dreams without being consumed by them.

Middle Earth Readings draws on ancestral wisdom to help us forge new pathways into self and community leadership for soul-workers, edge-walkers and highly sensitive heroes. Your host Maggie Rose Cunningham combines more than 25 years of spiritual practice with cutting edge leadership and development training to support you in your soul care and career growth. Visit or join the Hearthspace group ( for more.

Open now to read more about my specially crafted offerings:
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Birth Runes Soul Journey 
My Sun Rune – Nauthiz package

Flow with Wyrd

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