Once upon a time there was a Queen who worked her magic with nature, looking out into the world and finding within it her heart’s desire. Her successor was also a sorceress, but her magic was of a very different kind. She looked into a mirror and asked of it just a single question. A single question to determine her destiny. That seems a little dangerous…

This week the movements of the planets ask us to dig a little deeper and look a little farther to find the truths we want to carry with us as we quest for destiny.

Middle Earth Readings draws on ancestral wisdom to help us forge new pathways into self and community leadership for soul-workers, edge-walkers and highly sensitive heroes. Your host Maggie Rose Cunningham combines more than 25 years of spiritual practice with cutting edge leadership and development training to support you in your soul care and career growth. Visit www.maginrose.com or join the Hearthspace group (www.facebook.com/groups/hearthspace) for more.

Flow with Wyrd

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One Reply to “What will you do with your magic? – 10th-16th October ”

  1. Othala…

    It is November 21st, a touch after midnight. Two days ago Tyr´s chariot moved into Othala. The theme underlying this planetary movement is “Your song is waiting for its hero.” And yesterday a whole new refrain was added to my song.

    With the help of a shaman I completely trust (and for once it was not Maggie, simply because she was busy elsewhere) I discovered a story from my very distant past, a story so strange I´m not going to tell it here and so impactful I will have to sit with it for a while – a long while actually because if that story had not been brought to me by that reliable source, I would never believe it. It´s about family, inheritance, what I am, where I come from and what I´m here for. It´s the tune of my song and the soundtrack of not just this one life. And once again I stand amazed at the accuracy with which the seeress predicts the significance behind the motion of the stars. Sunna´s Wheel is not an individual tailor-made horoscope. It is the supposed to be generic. But every time it feels like tailor-made. The wisdom is delivered exactly in time, more reliable than Amazon Prime. Anazon failed me in the past. Maggie´s work never did.

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