To stand outside yourself, opening to ecstasy, in the moment when the storm hits, when the dark horizon becomes the present. What does it take to survive the storm? To ride with the wild hunt? According to the runic calendar the half month of Hagalaz, the rune of the hail-seed opens at Samhain. The energy of Hagalaz will be available to us through the next two weeks offering new perspective, external and internal transformation and, of course, moments that challenge and push us.

Middle Earth Readings draws on ancestral wisdom to help us forge new pathways into self and community leadership for soul-workers, edge-walkers and highly sensitive heroes. Your host Maggie Rose Cunningham combines more than 25 years of spiritual practice with cutting edge leadership and development training to support you in your soul care and career growth. Visit or join the Hearthspace group ( for more.

Flow with Wyrd

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