What does it mean to be fated? To work on the assumption that you have a destiny? What if the choices you longed to make in your heart of hearts and your brightest destiny were one and the same? Would you hesitate?

This week the movements of the planets ask us to give voice to our intentions: to form them in our words and set out minds to them. To often our biggest, boldest dreams seem to selfish, too ambitious, too out there for us to complete the task of giving them full form. They remain, bubbling away under the surface, unformed and unvoiced. This makes it much harder for the universe to partner with us. Whether you believe in positive manifestation or are simply open to the possibility that our subconscious minds will pick up on aligned opportunities if we have voiced our desires clearly enough.

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Flow with Wyrd

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2 Replies to “Choice & Destiny – 17th-23rd October ”

  1. Sacrifice … pain made sacred by being suffered for a greater good. Not senseless pain but a wounding used as a weapon in a fight that you think is right and just. In the last weeks through pathwork I have received back pieces of my soul. The healing effect was immense. And the experience finalized a decision that had actually been made long ago but delayed time and again. The wounds of the past must be made sacred through a purpose, a service that heals others as well. Another piece of Maggie´s wisdom – that inner change remains meaningless unless it is brought forth to affect change in the outer world – has become lived experience. And Tyr´s arrow flies.

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