The room is full but hushed. Around the edges cloaked figures are gathering, drawing in the energy, calming it, shaping it to flow smoothly around the high seat. We have already been guided through what to expect, what is expected of us. We raise our voices and let them be carried with the flow, drawn into the web. The seeress is already making her journey, being led down into Helheim. With us, but descending. One of us, but apart. Held by a thread she is carrying our voices with her. When my turn comes I kneel before the seeress; her words come in a gentle whisper, their power blooming inside my mind. I see what is spoken, taste it, know it.
Sacred utterance. Something that will go on to shape my own voice, my own oracular journey. A living flame, undiminished by the snow, untamed, unquenchable. It is a message of hope I carry with me through the years, when the snow falls heavy and threatens to suffocate me. Then the flame is with me, in me, burning bright to keep me whole.
This was my first experience of a seidr rite, conducted by the magnificent Katie and Gareth Gerrard. Katie is the author of Seidr: The Gate is Open and Odin’s Gateways. I would go on to hold the seeing space for others, to weave the songs and to make the descent myself.  I would be lucky enough to train with Katie and step into even deeper trust of my own gifts.
Katie Gerrard - writer, coach, workshop facilitator
To open our month of work with sacred utterance in the Hearthspace I will be interviewing Katie in the Hearthspace group at 8:30pm London time on Monday 3rd October 2022. You can sign up for this free, online event in the Hearthspace now.
As with so many of you, Katie weaves multiple threads into her life and spirituality. I met her first through the Wiccan community and went on to follow her northern tradition work. She is a writer, coach and workshop facilitator, a registered Hypnotherapist and holds certifications in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Trauma, Polyvagal Theory and IFS.  You can find out more about Katie and her work here.

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