What can be read in the stars this week? Loki’s shadow across the Bifrost bridge, berry-picking with Thurisaz, oath-making with Uruz, service and sovereignty with Frigg and Tyr; plus a little life advice from Homer Simpson. Join me for this 2-week bumper edition of Middle Earth Readings where I discuss Loki’s Chariot retrograde in Algiz and how working with the other planetary energies can help us deal with his long shadow (extending until January 2023). 

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Is Thurisaz your sun rune? Or perhaps you just feel called to connect with it at a deeper level. The Sun Rune awakening package offers meditation, song, journey and story alongside the original sources to provide an immersive experience with this rune.   

Middle Earth Readings

Join me live every Monday at 11am (London time) for Middle Earth Readings in the Hearthspace Facebook group, you can join for free here. Catch up below or on my You Tube Channel.

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