In the gap between what I know, and do not yet know, about myself. Two, sheer faces of rock, jutting against each other. Shapers of land, birthing volcanos, boiling seas. Continents colliding. The inbetween space where the bright spear of the conscious mind attempts to pierce the mists of your unpredictable, limitless soul.  The Gods invite us here. To stand in the gap, the void, the chasm of being. Tread the road, plant the tree, claim the staff. trust the web.

Last week I was in Iceland. Standing in the gap where the American and European plates meet. We asked ourselves, walking between worlds: would it even be possible to miss deny the presence of the otherworld  if this was your home? 

The veils between the worlds may be thicker now, but there are still those born to walk between them. Watch the video below for this week’s guidance for soul-workers, edge-walkers and destiny- weavers.

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