Might is the courage to walk alone and the wisdom to work together” Read on for more wisdom from Thor’s Chariot in Ehwaz, and the other planetary movements taking place this week.

 As always, Middle Earth Readings for the week is published at the bottom of the page after the live event. This week I take you through wyrd-weaving through alchemising opposites and flexing to your context. Fehu energy is still strong so pay attention to your physical and sensual needs and remember – wealth only grows when it is in movement.

Your Sun Rune packages

Would you like to know what your Sun rune is and be supported in making a lasting energetic connection with this key to purpose and fulfilment? This month I am pleased to launch our new Sun Rune collection. Your Sun Rune is dictated by the position of the Sun at the point of your birth. Your package includes a PDF about your Sun Rune and our Awakening module for the rune including your rune power song, your rune in story and a meditation supporting you in feeling the rune’s energy within your body. 

Thor’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Jupiter) is now in Ehwaz, the rune of partnership. Thor represents pure strength, greatness personified, the one who stands alone in the defence of the many. It is said that, where the other Gods ride across the Bifrost bridge when the return home, Thor simply wades across the supposedly impassable river. Sometimes we do, indeed, need to wade the river alone. But when it truly, truly matters Thor emerges from Asgard with Loki at this side. He seeks another God who offers different skills for completion of the quest. The many legends of Thor also speak of a dynamic partnership between the Gods and the Jotun (giants). Enemies in one respect, their conflict also brings about the creation of vast magics, powerful weapons and epic tales of heroic endeavour. Prayer to Thor: Lay before me the quests that strengthen without breaking me; draw to my path the partners who enhance but do not control me; stand beside me as a reminder that Might is the courage to walk alone and the wisdom to work together 

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Fehu reminds us of the everyday magics that make existence wonderful.  The gift of a single flower.  A donation you can afford. A kind word or gesture to someone in need.  Eyes connecting in recognition and understanding.  Fehu is the rune of life force, wealth and gold.  It reminds me of the tale of Freyja who enters the realm of Asgard as a hostage (albeit an honoured one) and ends up teaching Odin himself the precious treasures of her earth and seidr magics.  In this tale Odin reveals the power of a heart that is always open to learning and Freyja reveals the power of one who gives generously regardless of their circumstances.   

Fehu - gold, cattle, life force

We are currently in the half month of Fehu, a rune representing life force and wealth. Its negative aspects are those of possessiveness, jealousy and hoarding. When channelling the energy of Fehu remember the principle of flow and giving.  Any form of avarice will corrupt its energy.

Find out more on Fehu here.

Middle Earth Readings

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