In 2013 a group of spirit explorers came together to walk the road trodden long ago by the seið-kona, vitki, volva and hagazissa. You might know them as edge-walkers, shape-shifters, soul-workers or wyrd-weavers. I was privileged enough to be the trainer for this group of extra-ordinary beings. As I write I am wearing a woven spirit cloth created for me by one of them about my shoulders, my garden is blooming with roses gifted by them to bless my space here in Midgard. I feel all their powerful spirits around me, for you are always shaped by those who walk a path of transformation alongside you. 

We were united in a shared promise to discover soul clan, to reclaim wisdom and to weave magics through a journey upon the ancient world tree of Northern Europe. We were united in the pursuit of something true and sacred. Some of that group had worked with the runes for years but never walked the paths beyond our human story-world; others were experienced shamanic practitioners seeking to discover the magical secrets of their own land, tongue or heritage. This group was the last to work with me through Yggdrasil’s Path, my programme supporting the exploration and evolution of northern European shamanic practice.  That is, until 2022.

This year Yggdrasil’s Path is re-birthing. With new material, new ways of working and a new means of delivery.  Fully on-line, for the very first time.  Yggdrasil’s Path is an intensive, small-group journey offering deep, soul-level transformation. You will connect with your own soul-clan and find the guides ready to lead you onto Yggdrasil and through its 9 worlds. Together we will journey into many of the known, and lesser-known places on the world tree from deep Helheim to soaring Asgard. We will weave new practices and discover new places through connection with the historical, mythical and magical heritage of the healers, seers and magic-workers of the northern lands.

There are a very small number of places left on this re-birthed  programme which launches on 12th August with sessions held on Fridays and Saturdays throughout August, September and October. Are you ready to join me?

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