“To achieve momentum we must release that which doesn’t serve us in the present moment.” Read on for more wisdom from Tyr’s Chariot in Berkano, and the other planetary movements taking place this week.

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Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Inguz the rune of the seed and gestation.  Inguz opens potential, sacrificing energy in the moment to bring rewards for the future.  It is excellent for use in spells where we want to store intentional energy until the time is right for release.  It is a rune of the hidden and can be worked with to remind us of the secret worlds all around us: a dead tree, a hole in the ground, the entrance to a pool, a birds nest in the eaves.  It is also a gateway opening up the roads between the worlds.  For many of us the veils between this world and the otherworlds have grown too thick; clouding our ability to engage with anything beyond our physical senses – Inguz helps us re-awakening our seeing selves.  Ask, offer, receive.   

Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Berkano represents the constantly changing nature of consciousness. Tyr was a king, then a warrior, then a priest. Even the Gods adapt. In Berkano he unites with the great Mother in her many guises. To achieve momentum we must release that which doesn’t serve us in the present moment. The Birch tree (Berkano) sheds its leaves, the arrow (Teiwaz, Tyr’s rune) is freed from the bow. Tyr, the will to action, unites with Berkano, the abundance of new possibility and growth. During this time it is more powerful to seize the future with both hands than to gaze at the past and wonder how you got here.  Where will your next evolution take you? 

Inguz the rune of the seed, gestation and potential

This week we move into the half month of Inguz, a rune named after the divine hero Ing.  The Ing rune can be seen as both the devoured seed and the sacred seed through which life is reborn.

Find out more on Inguz here.

Middle Earth Readings

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