“Honour your land as it prepares for the harvest. Honour the ancestors on whose shoulders we stand. ” Read on for more wisdom from Sunna’s Chariot in Othala, and the other planetary movements taking place this week.

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Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Mannaz reminds us that, alone amongst the other Gods, Frigg shares the throne with Odin. Mannaz is the rune of the divine spark within humanity; the seat of our sovereign power. The key to Frigg’s kingdom is the capacity to achieve greatness through service. In Mannaz we see the integration of all aspects of the self: vulnerability and power combine; fear becomes a gateway to transcendence; love manifests in every thread of being. When you prove yourself willing to accept your flaws and own your powers Frigg will provide the support you need to shine.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Othala (the rune of estate, legacy and the ancestors) invites us to remember, at the point when life is blooming, how each moment connects into a wider cycle. Honour your land as it prepares for the harvest. Honour the ancestors on whose shoulders we stand. Songs and gifts to the dead are particularly powerful at this time. We often honour the dead when light and life are fading from the world. Perhaps we fear they will be jealous of the sweet gift of life? Perhaps we are simply too busy? The half month of Othala offers a precious moment to give thanks and remembrance for the gifts of the year and the ages. The Disir hold the gateways between the worlds open so that wisdom, healing and love may flow through and nourish the worlds and all the souls shining within them.

This week we move into the half month of Othala, a rune that speaks of both individual and collective inheritance. Othala is also the burial mound where wisdom may be sought from those who came before us.

Find out more on Othala here.

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