One of the things that saddens me is how little is generally known about the awesome power of the runes as keepers of ancestral wisdom, gateways for inner and outer transformation and vehicles for profound healing. I launched Awaken to the Runes to address this. I am incredibly grateful to Marco, one of my current students for sharing his experience in his own words. The 2022-2023 programme is now open for bookings. It would be my privilege to guide you on this journey. 

Recently an eagle asked me “What tales will you tell?” So this is one of them.

If that sounds cryptic and strange to you, yet intriguing you have come to the right place.

Awaken To The Runes is a place and a program where such things happen to you. It is no scholastic school-book course on the runes. It is where you feel, breathe, eat and live the wisdom and the power of your ancestors. Ancestors is a term used loosely here. They make no difference whether you are really of Northern heritage or not.

The gift is open to all and a gift it is.

In Northern mythology there is the tale of Odroerir the met of the skalds and poets that gives everyone who tastes it creativity, ecstasy and insight. It seems this course, the facebook group and the monthly wisdoms circles are the closest things to Odroerir that we have in our physical world. They do provide inspiration, insight and wisdom and encourage you to live out these qualities in your daily life.

The only word of caution is that you really have to pick up the drinking horn with the poet´s met when it is offered. Yes, you can enjoy the course more passively and still take a lot from it that can improve or even transform your life. But you get so much more when you actively engage in conversation and sharing with the other course members. When we share our experiences, our thoughts and or feelings – and sometimes our fears – we create a Whole that is much more than the sum of our parts. We create what the Northern tradition calls a Kenning Hoard, the collective wisdom of a group of like-minded and like-spirited people who work towards a common goal not because they must but because they can.

I´m not afraid to call Magin Rose Cunnigham a sorceress and a seeress because that is exactly what she is but when the wisdom of the group comes together it seems to take on a life of its own and create a new spiritual entity. And that is where the real magic starts. This is where or own heroic quest begins.

Many great heroes had mentors. Achilles and Jason had Chiron. King Arthur had Merlin. This course and the people can be your mentors if you choose. One thing I take away from here is that we all can be heroes in our own lives and in the lives of the people we care about. Here you find the encouragement and the tools to embark on that journey.

Chances are that along the way you will discover more guides and mentors. The eagle who asked me “What tales will you tell?” is one of them and after almost a year with the runes that seems totally normal.

Go on that journey. Every minute is worth it.


~ Marco Mueller, Awaken to the Runes 21-22

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