“The journey into maturity includes the realisation that true freedom is not following whims and impulses; it is a loving contract made between all members of society that requires sacrifice to maintain.” Read on for more wisdom from Loki’s Chariot in Sowilo, and the other planetary movements taking place this week.

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Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Sowilo joins the Chariot of Tyr (meaning ‘star’) with the guiding energy of the Sun (Sowilo). Tyr urges his horses on, racing alongside Sunna, the Goddess of the Sun filled with joy and purpose. Body-mind-spirit working together in perfect union. Have you ever had a moment where you simply felt the joy of life? The wonder of being? Tyr’s Chariot supports us in accessing that feeling again. The sense of being guided and knowing that, wherever you end up, you were meant to be there. No doubts, no fears, no worries. Simply motion. The wind in your hair, blood coursing through your veins, glorying in being alive. Whatever gets you to that place. DO THAT. 

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Mannaz reminds us that we are descended from the Gods. Mannaz is the rune of the divine spark within humanity, the sovereign self. Long ago Odin breathed life into the first man and the first woman. He set in motion the story that is unfolding even now. Odin is a seeker of wisdom, insight and power. Yet in the northern pantheon even the Gods do not know the full picture of what is unfolding. Like us, they possess faith. Faith in something beyond their knowledge; and faith that they are connected to it. Odin took a leap of faith in us – so let’s take a leap of faith in ourselves.

Thor, guardian of Middle Earth makes his transit into Berkano, the rune of Spring, the birch tree and the great mother. Thor is the lover and spouse of Sif, goddess of the Harvest. At this time our realm resonates with the first flush of their union. The earth goddess dazzles the sky-god, all is new and filled with possibility. Energies that have brewed over the past months and years are ready to be alchemised and transformed; the storm is ready to break. Through the coming months Thor in Berkano blesses new projects and endeavours. Thor rewards bravery, loyalty to your cause and devotion to your people and planet.

Loki, the trickster now enters the realm of Sowilo, the Sun. Sowilo is the rune of our inner knowing, self-determination and ability to lead from conviction. The journey into maturity includes the realisation that true freedom is not following whims and impulses; it is a loving contract made between all members of society that requires sacrifice to maintain. Loki brings out the mischievous aspect of the Sowilo rune, the part of us that resists constraint and tests the boundaries. This can be a force for positive change, helping us unfetter ourselves from chains that hold us back. It can also be a force for dissolution and chaos, whispering to us that our empty wants are more important than our sacred needs. Pay the trickster to entertain and inform you, not to lead you.

We are currently in the half month of Ehwaz, a rune representing the swift steed and the divine twins. Ehwaz holds within it that strange dream-like state where boundaries blur, time runs both fast and slow and anything is possible.

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