“Stand proud in who you are. Give your very best without guilt, second-guessing or hesitation . . . believe that you are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment. Ready, capable, strong and utterly perfect in your imperfection.” Read on for more wisdom from Sunna’s Chariot in Mannaz, and the other planetary movements taking place this week.

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Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Mannaz the rune of the divine spark within each human being, the balanced, enlightened, sovereign self. There is a time for striving, uncovering, developing and knowing. Mannaz is not that time. Mannaz is the time of expression. Stand proud in who you are. Give your very best without guilt, second-guessing or hesitation. The wheel will turn and the times for harvesting, reflecting, discarding and dreaming will ascend. For now, however, believe that you are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment. Ready, capable, strong and utterly perfect in your imperfection.

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Teiwaz the rune of victory and the great God Tyr reminds us that even the Gods face trials and make sacrifices. Tyr sacrifices his sword arm to peace and Frigg her son to the demands of Fate. We can become consumed by sorrow, regret and grief for a future that never was. Or we can use the strength of our feeling to co-create with the new path destiny has set before us. Frigg and the God Tyr offer counsel, solace and wisdom for those seeking the new path beneath the ashes of the old. 

Odin’s Chariot (Roman Equivalent Mercury) in Laguz (the rune of water) calls the God of the wind and sky to merge with the Goddess of water and Earth. In this union the wounds of the past are soothed and that which has been separated unites. Barriers between life and death, self and other, loss and love dissolve in a bitter-sweet ecstasy. When we allow ourselves to feel, emotions can flow from us unfettered. Laguz holds a healing space for this to take place. Frigg, the patron of Laguz, reminds us that we cannot select which emotions we do not want to feel: supress one and we supress them all. Honour the partnership of mind, body and spirit. During this time you may be called to hold a healing space for others, or to step into the supportive waters of Laguz yourself. 

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon ) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours.  The potency of the Full Moon energy is like a high tide leaving tracks in the sand as it departs – it forms a current over the coming month.  Manni’s Chariot in Wunjo (the rune of joy) promises happiness, union with family and friends and ecstasy of spirit.  It is a rune that helps us take pleasure in the simple things and encourages us to prioritise that which brings a spring to the step and a lightness in the heart.  It is an excellent rune for promoting harmony and balancing our own needs against the needs of others.  Through this month it can be called upon to help you gather the magic from the small moments and have the patience to wait for the rest.

To the Anglo-Saxons the Moon after the Spring Equinox was known as the Egg Moon. 

This week we move into the half month of Mannaz,  the rune of one who blesses clan and society through the strength of self.  As one of the last runes in the Elder Futhark the mysteries of Mannaz are deep, multi-layered and complex. 

Find out more on Mannaz here.

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  1. I really enjoy your readings! I think your interpretations of the Runes are very insightful and positive, very affirming. I really appreciate that. I’ve journeyed with the Runes for almost 40 years now. Thanks for being a delightful new addition to that journey.

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