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Our ability to see the divine light of humanity reflected in others and to respond with loving support is what sets our own divine light blazing. Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Algiz brings blessing and wisdom. Algiz is the rune of protection, divine guidance and connection between the Earth and Heavens. Odin presents himself in two guises. He is the All-Father providing blessing to those who already honour him. He is also the traveller, going out amongst humanity as the elder, the needy, the entertainer, the joker, the vulnerable. This period is a return into Algiz for Odin retrograde; as such support offered can sometimes feel unsolicited, given in judgement/ conditionally, or simply not enough. Remember to not only ask for what you need in your gratitudes but also from your support network. Helping others is often the way we best help ourselves. 

We are currently in the half month of Eihwaz, a rune which is sometimes likened to the Death card in tarot; it is a rune of transformation and testing, stripping away that which is worn out, diseased or weak so that strong new growth may occur. The Eihwaz rune is also associated with the spinal column, the core self, and the eternal part of the soul.

Find out more on Eihwaz here.

Middle Earth Readings

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