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Manni’s Chariot (the Moon) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours. The potency of the Full Moon energy is like a high tide leaving tracks in the sand as it departs – it forms a current over the coming month. Manni’s Chariot in Uruz draws forth the mighty healing power of the natural world. This Full Moon brings a moment of great potential for cleansing regeneration and rebirth on a global scale. Honour its presence and use its energy as a means to connect with nature. Offer your reverence and your sweat to the tending of the land, plant and animal kingdoms. We are offered a moment in which to become one with the Earth, to recognise ourselves as part of the great cycle of life.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Perthro evokes the story of Odin’s visits to Mimirsbrunr (the Well of Mimir). Perthro is the rune of wyrd, karma, play and laughter. It connects us to our individual and collective pasts and prompts us to open to the forces of the unseen. In his perpetual search for wisdom Odin visited the Well of Mimir, situated deep within the root complex of the world tree. There the wise sage Mimir advised him to sacrifice his eye to gain second sight. Odin left his eye either in, or under, the well. Although he is known as ‘one-eye’ it is possible that his other eye sees still – looking through the deep primordial waters to perceive the truth of things hidden to our normal sight. Sometimes we require a teacher, mentor, colleague or friend to help us access the next step on the path.

Valaskjalf is one of Odin’s Halls and means ‘shelf of the slain’; it is said to have a roof of pure silver. It his sacred to Odin’s son Vali who was conceived to avenge the death of his half-brother Baldur. Vali is a protector of justice and honour.  He will survive the twilight of the Gods and claim his own destiny.  Perthro, Algiz and Sowilo fall within Vali’s sphere in a birth runes chart.  Valaskjalf is equivalent to Aquarius in the Zodiac.

We are currently in the half month of Perthro, one of the most enigmatic of runes, it’s meaning is unknown and can only be inferred from the Old English Rune Poem which refers to it as ‘ever play and laughter’ where warriors sit in the beer-hall together. Perthro is the force which flows back and forth through the World Tree – it is the adventure of life itself.

Find out more on Perthro here.

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2 Replies to “Middle Earth Oracle this week: 17th – 23rd January”

  1. Hello Maggie,
    Thank you for taking time to respond to my comment from last week. What a pleasant surprise!
    I hadn’t read the idea of contemplating my legacy in regards to Othala in the sources I have and your guidance to contemplate that was particularly poignant and accurate.
    Even when I don’t have the same runes as your live group, you always offer wisdom that is applicable. After listening to this week’s recording, I pulled a rune (twice because I needed clarity) and Raido dropped out both times. Since no one else had Raido, would you please offer some guidance on it?
    And please let me know if it’s ok (or not) to make requests in this space. Thank you!

    1. Hi Paige! Thank you so much for letting me know my response was helpful. I’m sorry, we don’t monitor blig post comments daily so I’m missing your requests! The best thing to do is to join our community group Our lovely host Suzanne is very good at picking up requests for a specific rune ahead if the lives and reminding me!

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