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Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Jera brings the balance, decisiveness and sovereignty of Odin as the great All-Father.  Enthroned on his great high seat he looks out over all the worlds.  His ravens Huggin (thought) and Munnin (memory) bring him knowledge and wisdom.  With one hand he reaches out to into the past and gathers what he needs to rule well,  with the other he directs the course of the worlds according to what must be.  Jera, the rune of the year and harvest succeeds the ice (Isa), the need fire (Nauthiz) and the storm (Hagalaz).  As soon as the way becomes clear take action.  Let the power of your wise mind and dreaming heart guide your hand.  Doubt is the enemy of all great rulers; feel it, take action to reduce it, but do not be stopped by it.

Isa rune meaning ice, beauty and the ego

We are currently in the half month of Isa,  a rune that gifts us knowledge both of our strength and our fragility.  The ice lures us with its beauty but, stay too long, and it lures us into fatal sleep.  The ancient rune poems speak of the danger of the ice, especially to the blind.  In the last century Isa came to be identified with the psychological construct of the ego; the place where we locate our sense of self.  In the ego we can follow the path of self awareness or the path of self delusion.

Find out more on Isa here.

Middle Earth Readings

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