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Landvidi means ‘Wide Hall or White Hall’. It is said to be a quiet, peaceful place surrounded by all the beauties of the earth in bloom and tall grasses . Vidar is known as the silent god. He is a god of strength, action, family values and justice. He is the slayer of Fenris and avenger of his father’s death.  Jera, Eihwaz and Perthro fall within Vidar’s sphere in a birth runes chart. Landvidi is equivalent to Capricorn in the Zodiac. 

A drum beat needs silence as well as sound.  The hunter draws his bow between heart beats.  The power of a single moment builds in the quiet seconds before its birthing.  Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Isa draws on the vast stillness of the rune of Ice.  Patience.  Silence.  Surrender to the moment.  Have you ever stopped what you are doing simply to let the moment expand?  Thinking ‘I will remember this,  if I remember nothing else I will remember this.’  Moments strung out over the track of your life like precious gems.  The space between your old self and your present self recedes and you are both who you are, who you were and who you will be.  Take the pause.  Even on the busiest day.  We do not always find ourselves in our designated moments of meditation, presence and attentiveness.  If you could carry only a handful of moments from this lifetime into the next – which ones would you choose? 

We are currently in the half month of Jera, a rune that represents the agricultural year with particular points for sowing and harvesting. The change it brings is slow and requires patience, planning and hard work. Energetically, Jera is a gentle rune and is useful for work focusing on long term plans and things you wish to bring into manifestation at a slow and steady pace. 

Find out more on Jera here.

Middle Earth Readings

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Intriguingly, I prepared a reading for Tyr in Perthro this week, despite his Chariot entering Isa.  You can read about the ramifications of the Chariot in Isa above but the Perthro reading stll resonates strongly for me.  I suspect that, in Isa, Tyr embraces his sense of self as a spiritual follower of destiny/ wyrd as embodied by the Perthro rune (discussed during Middle Earth Readings).

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