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Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Hagalaz brings the energy of the storm.  Hagalaz is the rune of the hail-seed and it initiates the cycle of death and re-birth.   Odin leaves his great Hall and mounts his Chariot to lead the Wild Hunt. In the northern hemisphere the darkening towards Winter occurs energetically now; in the Southern hemisphere the hunt is also abroad reminding us to honour our sacred relationship with the land. The Wild Hunt can be felt as a restlessness, a sense of abandon and sometimes as a loss of hope. Remember that it is calling forth the ‘ghosts’ of your soul – those things that need to stir and be cleared. Keep yourself rooted in your daily rituals, your bravest visions and your boldest ideals: the storm will ultimately serve you. 

Those who are powerful do not need to seize power.  Those who are strong do not need to crush the weak.  Those who are centred in their own truth do not need validation from others.  Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Hagalaz, the rune of the storm brings out the most powerful nature of the great warrior/priest God.  Tyr was once a God of storm and sky.  Sword planted deep in the earth he takes his stand as the Irminsul pillar; a conduit between the heavens and the earth.  He stands as a mighty column channelling the lightening as the warrior channels their power towards their cause.  Once we stop trying to gather our power from others we are ready to receive it from our own soul’s source.  

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Nauthiz brings the sharp focus of necessity and desire.  Nauthiz is the rune of necessity and desire; it can be found in both the darkest and brightest places of our souls.  It is the precursor to the modern English ‘N’ and can still be seen in the word ‘need’.  As the darkness draws in the flame of your truth burns more brightly.  Whether it inspires ecstasy or dread it will ultimately call you home to your power.  What needs have you left untended?  What wounds are still to heal? The sounds of battle rage in the distance.  Run and they will pursue.  Take up arms and trust that your noblest nature will guide you true.  

This time offers us the strength to see the light within the dark; to oppose without judgement and to understand without repeating.  Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Eihwaz reminds us that, beneath the outer shell of most things exists an original intention founded in love.  Eihwaz is the rune of longevity, defence and fortitude; it literally means ‘Yew tree’ and evokes the power of the great world tree Yggdrasil. A company, a painting, a glass on your shelf. A marriage, a law, a movement. Frigg runs her hands over the trunk of the World Tree where the present moment is inscribed. She reads the runes that speak of violence, suffering loss, greed, anger and fear. Beneath the words her fingers feel the pulse of life, the desire to protect, to create, to be seen, to be understood. She reminds us that life has already equipped us to take on the challenges of the present moment. 

This week we move into the half month of Nauthiz,  a rune with a dual nature. In one sense it is the hard hollow of lack, it is the cold earth, the dark days, the emptiness of loss, of starvation, the dark night of the soul. But it is also the hands that kindle the fire in that darkness and it is the spark of hope that won’t let you role over and die. This rune is about survival, not just of the body but of the soul. 

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