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The unseen places of magic and connection where we travel to strengthen our hearts and souls are not peripheral to our existence; they are at its heart. Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Jera calls forth the full sovereignty of the great Goddess as Queen of Heaven and Mother of Earth. Jera is the rune of the, the year; it is the precursor of the modern letter ‘J’ but would have been pronounced softly as ‘y’ (like other Germanic languages still do today). It brings a balance of light and dark, summer and winter, head and heart. Frigg is known as the Queen of Heaven and her throne is in Asgard; a realm soaring high up on the world tree Yggdrasil. She remains, however, a Goddess of the Earth and will at times return to her deep roots to reconnect with who she is and what she stands for. Many of us live lives that can feel divided: working in one realm but finding our spiritual connection in another, presenting one face in one place and a different self in another. For this reason we can sometimes view spiritualty as a side-event in our ‘real lives’ or even as a luxury. Frigg reminds us that our power flows not from where we are in the moment but from who we have become over the many moments of our existence. There is no part of you that is not part of your sovereign self.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Hagalaz draws out the crystalline beauty of the rune of the hail-seed. Often feared for its destructive nature Hagalaz clears the way for the new. It’s transformative energy works within to expose limiting beliefs and challenge old ways of thinking that hold you back. Externally it can feel like a loss of control – circumstances transpiring to move you out of your comfort zone. Hold on tight to  the dreams, values and ideals you cherish inside you – for they are the legacy the storm leaves in its wake. 

This week we move into the half month of Hagalaz, a rune that represents those things that are outside our control. The hail storm of Hagalaz clears away stagnation, weakness and disease, and once it is passed the way is cleared and strong new growth can manifest.

Find out more on Hagalaz here.

Middle Earth Readings

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