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The universe draws its breath, the wheel stops momentarily.  All that was, is and will be dissolves into a pure moment of being.  Frigg’s Chariot (Venus) is entering Isa, the rune of ice, stability and beauty.  Isa is the precursor to the modern sound ‘I’; it encapsulates within it not just the beauty and danger of winter but also the strength and weakness of our concept of self (specifically the ego).  The danger of believing ourselves to be separate, apart, in charge, unstoppable and unbreakable can be resolved through crossing the fine line from a driven and self-centred ‘I want’ to the accepting and expansive ‘I am’.  Frigg, the Seeress and Queen of Heaven has a gaze that reaches far beyond what most can see. Horizons dissolve beneath her eye and she gathers all to her. Differences and conflicts reduce to nothing and all is one. Pause and she may choose to share the vision. 

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Wunjo the rune of joy, ecstasy and belonging.  It opens us to the pure, radiant light of bliss, family, friendship and fulfilment. Like the last brilliant rays of the sun as it sets on the horizon Wunjo speaks of the sweetness of life.  Take a moment to pause and savour all that is around you.  Prioritise that which makes you happy knowing that in connecting with your own light you become a beacon for others. Odin reminds us that ‘belonging’ is not always a single state; we don’t ‘find’ belonging and then keep it for the rest of our lives.  It is a  journey of discovery and a state that needs to be tended.  Sometimes we belong with our loved ones by the warm hearth fire, sometimes we belong alone and untamed in the wild, wild places, sometimes we belong simply within our own hearts.  Time spent in play, pleasure and gratitude is just as essential to a human being as time spent serving and creating.   

This week we move into the half month of Wunjo, a rune embodying that sense of joy, belonging and well-being that comes from the people who you count as your kin. Work with Wunjo through rituals, big and small, that promote togetherness and communion.

Find out more on Wunjo here.

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