Ravaged lands bathed in blood.  The cold and pitiless sky – sunless, moonless – is a shroud of black enveloping the world.  Carcass after carcass punctuates the barren land.

This is the future foreseen throughout the ages.  Doomsday.  The end times.  Its shadow is always present.  Its song greets us on the journey into adulthood.  Its face looms large in our fears for our children.  It is here in our news, our entertainment and our schools.  

In the northern tradition it is known as Ragnarök, the last battle when the great armies of the dead rise up and the Gods are devoured.  Yat Ragnarök is also a story of re-birthing.  The sons and daughter of the Gods succeed them in a world undreamt and uncharted.

So I offer you this challenge today.  You may choose to wait, sword and shield in hand, for the end of days.  Or you may choose to rise up and proclaim that the world has already ended as we know it.  Today is a new day.  A new chance for better.

Some say that Ragnarök was never about the end of days.  It was a cyclical tale of endings and beginnings: a tale of the Moon and Sun  dying and being reborn over and over.  A battle waged countless times as we rise, live, grow, mature, die and rise once more.  The world needs warriors not to destroy or to defend the old ways but to build the new.

If you are struggling with endings or beginnings in your life a 1-2-1 North Star session  can light the way and help you choose powerful, soul-centred action.  Read more and book.

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