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There is a world of difference between trying your hardest and trying your best. Tyr’s Chariot (Mars) in Gebo reminds us that we are each carry within us gifts for the world and values that direct the course of our efforts. Gebo is the rune of gifting, generosity, exchange, oath-making and balance. It reminds us that when we choose one path we always cut off another; this is a truth of life. Trying to pursue all avenues at once or holding back from making any decisions for fear of choosing wrongly wastes our energy, our talents and our potential for impact through this lifetime. Ask yourself: what is the best choice I can make in this moment based on what I know and what I can do? Then choose. Choose well. Choose willingly.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Gebo provides an opportunity for you to connect with your most generous, fair-minded and loving self.  Gebo is the rune of gift-giving, exchange and oath-making. It opens the wounded heart through a soul-level knowledge that trust is the foundation stone of all relationships and therefore all society. Generosity, care, responsibility and nurture of others and our planet will be rewarded. 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) reminds us that life has already equipped us to take on the challenges of the present moment.  You already have what we need. Frigg’s most trusted handmaiden, Fulla, keeps a chest full of Frigg’s precious secrets. It is not the power of the throne that makes Frigg a great Queen but the wisdom she possesses.  Trust your instincts and intuitions, do not second guess yourself or let others make your decisions for you.  

Thor’s’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Jupiter) in Algiz calls us to have faith in the face of uncertainty. Thor is known as the protector of Midgard (middle earth – the realm of humanity). Algiz is the rune of protection and guidance; it is sometimes said to symbolise the rainbow bridge connecting the heavens and the earth. Thor is so mighty that, alone among the gods, he strides with ease through the rushing waters that divide us and has no need for the bridge. In Algiz he reminds us that the fear of what is to come is often worse than the reality.  Even when the rainbow is obscured by the clouds your strength will find a way through. 

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) is now returning to Gebo, the rune of exchange, promises and gift giving. Expand your heart, open to the dreams waiting at the edges of your current reality. The Gods offer gifts bounded only by our own expectations and limits. Be generous with your ideas and counsel – gifts given freely are rewarded with abundance. Breathe deeply and open yourself to receiving. Requests for blessing will be answered. Lie upon the earth and let it absorb your harshest cares; look to the sky and let it open your soul.

This week we move into the half month of Gebo, a rune which embodies two important concepts: reward for effort and altruistic giving with no expectation of reward. The trust Gebo represents is also trust in the universe, trust that you are deserving of the gifts life has to offer and that your effort will be appreciated and reciprocated. 

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