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Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Raidho (rhythm, road, ritual) brings harmony, settled energy and grace to the road we are travelling.  Raidho is a rune of rhythmic movement, order, harmony and progress.  In the cosmic story it is the moment when the Sun and Moon were set on their course to govern the cycles of day and night. This rune does not always signal a physical journey. When you sit beneath the stars remember that you’re by no means the still spot in the universe – you too are an object travelling through space on the back of the great Earth. Tend to the ritual, rhythm and structure of your day and results will flow more easily.

Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Kenaz brings into presence the archetype of the priest/healer/smith/magician who sacrifices much in pursuit of the act of creation.  Our experiences, our scars, our deepening knowledge, the many initiations we experience through life represent gatways of death through which we emerge renewed.  We are co-creators with destiny: a moment is offered and it is in our gift to choose what to do with it.  What is burning in your forge? 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Wunjo reminds us that there are some things in life that are worth the sacrifice.  Wunjo is the rune of joy, belonging and friendship.  Sometimes we take for granted the little things in life until they are absent: family, nature, a good book.  Of course, none of these things are really little – it’s just that the paradigm we live in prompts us to focus on purchasing power, self-development and keeping up with the latest trends.  Frigg asks you to take stock of what really matters: hold it, love it, reach for it.  

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) is now in Gebo, the rune of exchange, promises and gift giving. Expand your heart, open to the dreams waiting at the edges of your current reality. The Gods offer gifts bounded only by our own expectations and limits. Be generous with your ideas and counsel – gifts given freely are rewarded with abundance. Breathe deeply and open yourself to receiving. Requests for blessing will be answered. Lie upon the earth and let it absorb your harshest cares; look to the sky and let it open your soul.

This week we move into the half month of Raidho, a rune of rhythm and ritual action. Raidho orders the deepest rhythmns and truths of the universe.  Look for its mysteries in the movements of the stars, in the cycles of our solar system, the tides of the sea and the routines of the day.

Find out more on Raidho here.

Middle Earth Readings

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