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Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Raidho speaks of the Wild Hunt pounding across the dark skies unfettered, unbound and bare before the storm.  Is your day governed by rules, habits and expectations disconnected from nature and the rhythms of your own knowing body?  It is our escapes into the wild, unexplored places within the world without and within where we find our way back into unity, harmony and connection.  May way for rebellion.  Walk barefoot, sleep when the sun sleeps, dance in the rain, embrace your wildness.

Sokkvabekk means ‘sunken-hall’, ‘sunken-bank’ or ‘treasure-bank’ and Saga’s name is thought to mean ‘seeress’.  Saga is the historian and story-teller of the Gods; the modern word ‘saga’ comes directly from her name.  Ansuz, Raidho and Kenaz can fall within Saga’s sphere in a birth runes chart.  Sokkvabekk is equivalent to Virgo in the Zodiac. 

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours.  The potency of the Full Moon energy is like a high tide leaving tracks in the sand as it departs – it forms a current over the coming month.  Manni’s Chariot in Sowilo unites the siblings of Sun (Sunna/ Sowilo) and Moon (Manni); it promises joy, reunion, connection and communion.  Sunna and Manni were charged by Odin to steer the Chariots of the Sun and Moon meaning they are seldom close enough to converse.  Manni’s face is, of course, bathed in his sister’s blazing light but, in Sowilo, his whole being resonates with her purposeful, joyful energy.  This is a time to acknowledge and celebrate your emotional, intuitive, vulnerable and dreaming self.   

Did you know that Odin shares his throne with his Queen Frigg.  Both have access to the perspective found on the High Seat from which they can look out across the Nine Worlds.  Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Gebo speaks of the bonds of trust upon which all creation is founded; from the laws of nature to the laws of man.  Frigg is the mistress of diplomacy and the maintainer of peace and order.  Both resolute faith and gentle frith-weaving are required to protect your throne and further your purpose.  Make only promises you can keep. Take action in spite of fear. Give kindly, generously and wisely.   Through her time in Gebo Frigg asks you to consider what you are attempting to dictate and control in your life?  When are you being governed by fear?  What would the path of trust open to you? 

We are currently in the half month of Ansuz, a rune of communication. Ansuz is the very life force of breath.  It is sometimes called the container and the contained which makes sense if you consider that air is all around us as well as circulating within us.

Find out more on Ansuz here.

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  1. Thank you so much for your time and energy you put into your weekly updates as well as the explanation of the runes. You are my go too to dive deep into their meaning.

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