Here’s your weekly update on what planetary movements are coming up. 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Raidho reminds us that our greatest adventures are found on the road as yet unknown.  All the seership in the world cannot fully prepare us for stepping into the unknown.  Good, bad, ugly – you will not know until you take that first bold step.  Raidho is the rune of the road, ritual and rhythm and as Frigg’s Chariot passes through its energy we are reminded that empty habits and repeated rituals performed without thought or passion offer very little in return.  Take the road as yet unknown; for that adventure offers self-knowledge, enlightenment and evolution. 

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Thurisaz (the rune of the thorn, the giant, power and passion) invites us to embrace the shadow and accept the teachings of the subconscious, the wild self, the emotions of the heart and the instincts of the body.  Its energy can be painful, disruptive and drive us off centre – it is not known for being a gentle rune.   It reminds us that we cannot reach the heights of our true potential if we have not also sunk deep into the realms of our fears, our passions and our life-trials.  Once we have travelled through the veils of darkness, faced the shadows and woundings of our hidden self than we find at the heart of Thurisaz the power we need to meet and manifest the heights of our soaring dreams.  

Odin’s Chariot (Mercury) in Thurisaz, the rune of the giants, the thorn and raw power speaks of the long-standing animosity between the Aesir (the Gods of Asgard) and the Jotun (the giants).  On the surface of things they are opposites: order versus chaos, intellect versus instinct.  As soon as you go into their stories, however, things become much less straight forward.  For one thing, the Gods have the same roots as the Jotun – they share a family tree. There is also inter-marriage, regular romances, exchanges of wisdom and Odin’s best-friend is even a Jotun.  The conflict between Aesir and Jotun is, in many ways, fertile ground for growth and evolution.  It is a sad truth that we often listen to the criticism of our enemies more than we do to the praise of our friends.  Perhaps it is the urge to grow that prompts us to ruminate and worry at a barb from someone we barely know.  Although I firmly believe we could all do better at deeply receiving complements from our friends it is also the case that our friends often inadvertently stop us from growing – they like us the way we are after all.  So let’s see if we can’t take the sting out of the tail of our enemies by asking ourselves – what did that comment that hurt so deep have to tell me about what’s important to me? What is the truth my spirit wants me to connect with that got prodded by that criticism?  Find the golden nugget of wisdom and then shake off the rest; after all, you don’t need your enemies to be your friends. 

This week we move into the half month of Thurisaz, a rune which represents the forces of chaos – that which we fear, the powerful emotions and drivers lurking beneath the surface. Thurisaz power encompasses the subconscious, anger, passion, violence, attack and aggression.

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