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Baldur is known as the ‘shining one’; his death and subsequent residence in Helheim are universally mourned.  His hall in Asgard (the realm of the Gods Breiðablik meaning ‘broad-gleaming’ and is known as a place where nothing impure can exist.   Uruz, Thurisaz and Ansuz can fall within Baldur’s sphere in a birth runes chart.  Breiðablik is equivalent to Leo in the Zodiac. 

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon ) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours.  The potency of the Full Moon energy is like a high tide leaving tracks in the sand as it departs – it forms a current over the coming month.  Manni’s Chariot in Perthro, the rune of wyrd, mysterys and song, reminds us of the old legends that see the Moon itself as the shining white surface of the Well of Wyrd.  In its face we see Manni, who loves to look down upon humanity and bestow blessings.  We see the two white swans that are said to swim in its waters (and incidentally explain why swans are white).  The Full Moon in Perthro calls us into our highest ideals and our purest of intentions.  Commune with your idealist, your dreamer, your romantic – for however hard the world may seem, as long as they are with you there is always hope.  

Pride come before a fall, they are too big for their boots, who do they think they are?  I don’t know about you but where I come from boasting about your achievements is considered, at best, impolite and, at worst, likely to cause immediate bad luck and failure.  Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Uruz asks us the very simple question: why is it not okay to claim our power?  Does it somehow diminish others?  Does being good at what I do, passionate about my cause or elated in my triumph make me undeserving?  Odin encourages us to step out of the shadow of the taboos about owning our own power and recognise that all who stand shoulder to should with us and are at peace with their own power will do nothing but feel absolutely fantastic when we make peace with ours.  This is one of the reasons where a simplified version of the symbel rite features in all of the Awakening wisdom working circles.  I raise my cup to you in the knowledge that your triumph can never diminish mine but has the power to inspire more greatness in others then they have yet dreamt. 

We are currently in the half month of Uruz, the rune of the aurochs; a great beast similar to the modern day bison that roamed Europe, Asia and North Africa. Uruz is often worn as an amulet to promote health and well-being.  It is a truly elemental rune. 

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