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Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Inguz speaks of sacrifice, initiation and responsibility.  Inguz is the rune of the seed, potential stored, gestation and sacrifice.  All must play their part in manifesting a future fit for the generations to come.  Frigg reminds us that we are all Elders in the human tribe.  Very few cultures maintain the rites of passage that help us determine when we step from being an initiate (awaiting wisdom) to the initiator (conferring wisdom).  Frigg suggests that we view ourselves as having two faces: one looking ahead for the wisdom we are seeking and one looking behind to help others do the same.  When asking the question ‘What can be done about all this?’  There is only ever one answer that ever really matters  ‘Whatever I am able to.’ 

Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Fehu speaks to the story of the God Tyr (the patron of the Teiwaz rune) and his relationship with the Fenris wolf. The Fehu rune represents wealth and life force but its ancient rune poems hint at the danger of ‘the wolf in the forest’. This story has two meanings. Firstly we are reminded how the beautiful, puppy-like Fenris wolf loved so much by Tyr grew to such gargantuan proportions that the God had to sever both the friendship and his arm to protect the worlds from the jaws of his companion. Secondly the ‘wolf in the forest’ is a kenning (poetic description) of people who have been cast out of society for their crimes. Living on the edges, unbound by social order and unprotected except by their own tenacity and ferocity they are another form of the Fenris wolf. Tyr’s Chariot in Fehu reminds us to examine our desires carefully and think carefully where they are leading us. They also remind us that cutting ourselves off from a problem is normally a temporary solution – that which we do not face and resolve will come back to bite us eventually.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Othala speaks of the partnerships that make up our collective legacy.  Othala is the rune of estate and the ancestors.  Odin is well known for calling the greatest of warriors to his service but it is worth remembering that a true sovereign calls their people not to serve them, but to serve the vision they represent.  Odin’s commitment is to continued life; he stands against the destructive waves of darkness and forgetting.  From birth we are taught how to conform to the expected norms of the society we are raised in, we are shaped to ‘fit in’ – it’s a good survival strategy after all.  Yet, collectively, we are called not to survive but to evolve.  I believe that every person holds a piece of the next stage of our evolution, a bright vision which is theirs to tend.  Eventually all of us will face a moment when we have to decide whether to obey the rules or serve the vision. 

Middle Earth Readings

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This week we are in the half month of Laguz, the rune of water. Laguz might be said to contain the power of Wyrd itself; the flowing waters of creation, consciousness, memory and magic.  Find out more on Laguz here.

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