Here’s your weekly update on what planetary movements are coming up. As always, Middle Earth Readings for the week is published at the bottom of the page after the live event. 

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours. The edge of the new Moon is as a scythe cutting through what has come before and reaching towards desire, hope and purpose. It forms a moment for release, clarity and intention setting. Manni’s Chariot in Laguz calls us to reach towards the light. This is a great time to begin new projects, initiate new intentions and start new habits. Let the waters of Laguz carry away what is holding you back and bring life, renewal and growth to your hopes and dreams.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Inguz the rune of the seed and gestation. Inguz opens potential, sacrificing energy in the moment to bring rewards for the future. It is excellent for use in spells where we want to store intentional energy until the time is right for release.  It is a rune of the hidden and can be worked with to remind us of the secret worlds all around us: a dead tree, a hole in the ground, the entrance to a pool, a birds nest in the eaves. It is also a gateway opening up the roads between the worlds. For many of us the veils between this world and the otherworlds have grown too thick; clouding our ability to engage with anything beyond our physical senses – Inguz helps us re-awakening our seeing selves. Ask, offer, receive.

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Othala reminds us that, however unready, unworthy or untested we feel, every one of us is already a custodian of hearth, land and legacy.   Othala is the rune of estate, inheritance and ancestry.  Frigg, the Queen of Heaven calls each of us to step up and be counted.  We can look to those who have come before but, ultimately, they have already walked their path and now you must walk yours. Listen and they will speak. Ask and they will answer.  You are never alone but only you can make the difference that is yours to offer in this lifetime. Frigg’s Chariot in Othala also reminds us that, as well as looking forward, sometimes it is our gift to heal the wounds of past and bring peace to those who have sacrificed,  suffered or strayed.

Middle Earth Readings

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This week we move into the half month of Inguz, a rune that symbolises gestation. The Inguz rune is a container of energy in potential,  it can be used very effectively in magical workings to hold energy ready for release. Find out more on Inguz here.

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