Here’s your weekly update on what’s going on with the planetary movements and what events are coming up in the Hearthspace. As always, Middle Earth Readings for the week is published at the bottom of the page after the live event. 

Skadi’s Hall is known as both Thrudheim (Power Hall) and Thrymheim (Noisy Hall) which to me speaks of the rawest, most elemental forces of nature. Skadi is fiercely independent, knows her rights and has little concern for convention or correctness.   Mannaz, Laguz and Inguz fall within Skadi’s sphere in a birth rune’s chart.  Thrudheim is equivalent to Taurus in the Zodiac. 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Laguz brings forth magic, intuition and wisdom.  Laguz is the rune of water and life.  It is a gateway between worlds.  After the ritual of the drinking Hall, the bustle of work and the ceremony of sovereignty the Goddess Frigg retires to her chamber.  There she is said to spin the stuff of Wyrd itself; the raw material from which fate is written.  Frigg knows that there are many forms of power and she reminds us that the retreat within, to the place of self-knowledge, freedom and dreaming is necessary just as necessary as the expressive, directing, manifesting work without.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman Equivalent Mercury) in Laguz (the rune of water) calls the God of the wind and sky to merge with the Goddess of water and Earth.  In this union the wounds of the past are soothed and that which has been separated unites.  Barriers between life and death, self and other, loss and love dissolve in a bitter-sweet ecstasy. When we allow ourselves to feel, emotions can flow from us unfettered.  Laguz holds a healing space for this to take place.  Frigg, the patron of Laguz, reminds us that we cannot select which emotions we do not want to feel: supress one and we supress them all.  Honour the partnership of mind, body and spirit.  During this time you may be called to hold a healing space for others, or to step into the supportive waters of Laguz yourself.

Middle Earth Readings

Join Maggie on Monday 19th April at 11:00 AM UTC for our regular Facebook Live sharing inspiration and insight for the week ahead. Don’t worry if you miss it, the video will be published at the bottom of this page once it’s finished. View the event in Facebook here.
Mannaz rune of sovereignthy, maturity and humanity

We are currently in the half month of Mannaz,  the rune of sovereignty and the divine spark within each human. Mannaz  is connected to Odin and his ravens Huggin and Munnin (thought and memory). Find out more on Mannaz here.

What’s in the Hearthspace this week?

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Embodiment and meditation: The mirror of water on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 12:15 AM UTC+01

Our embodiment and meditation session this month will be looking at the role that water takes in helping us access the hidden, forgotten and wild parts of ourselves. As always we start with a Facebook live taking you through the what we’ll be doing. We’ll then meet in our Zoom room for the practical session

This online event will take place in the private Hearthspace Facebook group which is part of our Hearthspace membership. Join us and access all our story session recordings!

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