Here’s your weekly update on what’s going on with the planetary movements and what events are coming up in the Hearthspace. As always, Middle Earth Readings for the week is published at the bottom of the page after the live event. 

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Mannaz the rune of the divine spark within each human being, the balanced, enlightened, sovereign self.  There is a time for striving, uncovering, developing and knowing.  Mannaz is not that time.  Mannaz is the time of expression.  Stand proud in who you are.  Give your very best without guilt, second-guessing or hesitation.  The wheel will turn and the times for harvesting, reflecting, discarding and dreaming will ascend.  For now, however, believe that you are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment.  Ready, capable, strong and utterly perfect in your imperfection.

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon ) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours.  The edge of the new Moon is as a scythe cutting through what has come before and reaching towards desire, hope and purpose.  It forms a moment for release, clarity and intention setting.  Manni’s Chariot in Ehwaz (partnership, the steed) speaks of the partnership the universe offers us when we are brave enough to take its hand.   If you have a breathless dream – reach for it.  If you have an unspoken desire – sing it now.  If you are waiting for a sign – paint it in the sky.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Mannaz reminds us that we are descended from the Gods.  Mannaz is the rune of the divine spark within humanity, the sovereign self.  Long ago Odin breathed life into the first man and the first woman.  He set in motion the story that is unfolding even now.  Odin is a seeker of wisdom, insight and power.  Yet in the northern pantheon even the Gods do not know the full picture of what is unfolding.  Like us, they possess faith.  Faith in something beyond their knowledge; and faith that they are connected to it.  Odin took a leap of faith in us – so let’s take a leap of faith in ourselves.  

Middle Earth Readings

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Mannaz rune of sovereignthy, maturity and humanity

We have just entered the half month of Mannaz,  the rune of sovereignty and the divine spark within each human. Mannaz  is connected to Odin and his ravens Huggin and Munnin (thought and memory). Find out more on Mannaz here.

What’s in the Hearthspace this week?

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Story session: The Water Gateways,  Thursday at 12:30 PM UTC +1

This month we are looking at water magics under the patronage of Hlin, the Goddess of refuge and protection and daughter of the sea Goddess Rand. In this session we’ll be looking at the role that water takes in the northern tradition as a gateway between life and death, chaos and order, the mundane and the magical.

This online event will take place in the private Hearthspace Facebook group which is part of our Hearthspace membership. Join us and access all our story session recordings!

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