Back in my early twenties I was in a job I no longer wanted.  I set an intention that I was ready for my next career step.   I updated my cv.  I started my job searches.  I wrote down what I was looking for.  I got other people in my industry to proof read my applications.  When I saw a job a really, really wanted I did some rune magics to get me that all important interview.  I bought myself a fabulous new suit.  I prepared relentlessly for my interview.  I did some more rune magics and inadvertently burned a Kenaz rune in my arm ironing the new suit that morning (ooops).  I got the job.  It was the next step in a wonderful, rewarding career.

At no point did I do a reading asking ‘Will I get a job?’.  Because here’s the thing.  If the answer was anything other than a resounding YES what effect would it have other than to make me miserable?  Why waste effort looking for answers you don’t want when you can direct it towards the outcome you do?  I hardly ever, ever do readings that begin with the words ‘Will I…’ because the answer will be Yes or No and, frankly, that’s giving away my power.  Instead I ask the question ‘How will I…’  or, at a push ‘Is it the optimum time to..’

A rune reading is one amongst a whole array of awesome magical actions (including updating your cv) that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.  They are also great if you don’t yet know where you want to be (other than that it’s not where you are now) or you feel a calling but don’t know how to proceed.  My best piece of advice when doing readings:  To get powerful answers ask powerful questions.

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