Are you a leaf swept on the wind of destiny or a sword driven into the bedrock of fate with such force that you divert the current of wyrd itself?  Throughout our history seers, writers, artists, historians and philosophers have debated whether fate happens to us or is created by us.  One hero stride towards his inevitable doom, another leaps into the unknown on wings of faith.

One of the reasons I love the northern tradition is becaue the Gods themselves are not masters of fate.  They are opportunists, strivers, tricksters, wisdom-seekers and magic-makers.   They battle, adventure, build walls (or rather, they get someoone else to do it), broker peace and wrestle with destiny.

At present I am doing some work with a lesser known Goddess called Sinthgunt.  She is the sister of Sunna, the Charioteer of the Sun, and appears in just a single point in the literature.  As sometimes happens when a deity springs into one’s personal gnosis she has come into my life with the full force of a complex personality and powerful presence.  She made her way effortlessly into the woven story for our Sowilo module in Awakening and is undoubtedly a Goddess who chooses her own destiny.  In her eyes the future lies ahead as a series of golden threads inviting us to take hold.  Sometimes there are bundles to choose from, sometimes only a few.  I am reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert’s work on the life of ideas in Big Magic.  She proposes that ideas seek out a human capable of manifesting them.  They wait for us for a while and, if we don’t connect with them, nurting them and bring them into being they move on.  Sinthgunt suggests that with our magic and our actions we can draw particular threads towards us.  When she teaches this I see a snake-charmer, a horse-whisperer, a falconer slowly drawing in a powerful but cautious destiny.

Sinthgunt has been silent so far on those acts of fate less sought for.  Those threads that snap into place unasked and weigh heavy on your being.  Perhaps this is a deeper teaching for another time but, for now, she dances amongst the threads of that which could be and askes which you are drawing in.

What destiny is your northern tradition practice holding out to you?  Book a North Star session to you read the signs and choose the path.

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