As I write this it’s January 2021.  There is potent energy for change out there in the world, new dreams are being formed, we are looking for a different way.  Many of you have reported to me that past lives are resurfacing and power/ soul retrieval work is being required much faster than usual.  These roller coaster days are providing fertile soil for recovery and reclamation.  For those of you who have followed a spiritual pathway for a long time you’ll recognise dark nights of the soul as times when wisdom is found.  Equally, as we shed the old and process the new we experience moments of brilliant clarity where we KNOW the way in our bones. 

If you’re anything like me you’ll assume the wisdom you get in a moment of deep enlightenment is seared into your brains for eternity.  Only it never happens!  The reality is that it fizzles away as the next moment and then the next layers over it.  Now, it doesn’t mean the moment is lost forever.  Wouldn’t it be nice, however, if we reaped the rewards of our insights first time round?  There’s also no guarantee as to when the wheel will turn and give you another bite at the cherry – so let’s give ourselves the best chance to learn what we’re meant to in the moment.

 So if you want to take your wisdom gathering a bit deeper here are my suggestions (formed from years of experience in not following my own advice): 

Write down what you receive and reflect on it

Making a note of cards pulled, runes cast, dreams received or messages channelled is an excellent thing.  Reflecting on what you want to do with that wisdom is better as it is through engagement with what you have received that you work to integrate.  Methods to try include:

  • Keep a notebook to record your inputs (readings etc) with a second page dedicated to what the insights might mean, what actions they prompt and what you decide to do differently as a result
  • Journaling every morning when you wake up is great for supporting subconscious level processing (also good for recording dreams)
  • Gratitudes voiced at the end of the day for wisdom received support integration and tell the universe you want more of the same thing

Work with others

I know quite a few people who share their daily oracles/ cards with a friend or two so the group can discuss what they might mean together.  Over in the Hearthspace we get some lovely shares from people practicing ‘rune of the day’ with questions for the group to help with deeper interpretation (reading and responding is one of my favourite parts of the day).  The process of witnessing is a powerful one and working in group also gives us a little bit of extra accountability.

Oh, and don’t forget your guides and patron deities if you get a bit stick on what a piece of received wisdom might mean for you.

Get creative

Cut energetic cords, burn a candle to release, wash away the old. Paint a picture, make a sigil, create an altar.  Dance your intentions, sing your runes.    Bring your magics to the vision you have seen.

Review what you have received regularly

Give yourself the gift of a little memory nudge.  Questions you might ask are:

  • What is recurring for me and why?
  • Are there any threads of meaning I have been ignoring?
  • Does the reading as I received it at the time still hold the same meaning for me or has something shifted?

Tip: If you do something really powerful with the results of your readings the universe is liable to start giving you some more juicy material to work with.

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