Here’s your weekly update on what’s going on with the planetary movements and what events are coming up in the Hearthspace. 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Perthro reminds us that the most powerful voice connecting us to wisdom is always our own.  Frigg is known both for the power of her seership and the completeness of her silence. Perhaps she knows that when we share our dreams too early, we risk them being swept away in the flood of the voices around us.  Now is the time to light a candle and simply honour the voice calling you deep inside yourself.  Trust that there is time for you to be heard, time for you to manifest.  

Sometimes time folds in upon itself, not just backwards – but forwards.  Hear that voice calling you forward?  Sense the warm sun on the horizon? The light on the path ahead is the bright trail of your own destiny.  Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Algiz connects us with our highest purpose.  Algiz is the rune of protection, guidance and knowledge from the divine.  As the Sun enters its sphere it connects each of us more firmly to the filaments of the destiny we dream of, the purpose we work towards and the future are singing into being with each determined step.   

Manni’s Chariot (the Moon ) moves through one rune approximately every 24 hours.  The potency of the Full Moon energy is like a high tide leaving tracks in the sand as it departs – it forms a current over the coming month.  Manni’s Chariot in Thurisaz at the time of the Wolf Moon is an incredibly potent Moon.  It casts a deep shadow across our brightest hopes bringing doubt, dread and fear.  In ancient times our ancestors would bang pots and pans to frighten the mighty wolf who chased the Moon and threatened to destroy it.  The only way to overcome doubt, fear and dread is to recognise what they represent to us and then head into the storm anyway. 

Middle Earth Readings

Join Maggie on Monday 25th January at 11:00 AM UTC for our regular Facebook Live sharing inspiration and insight for the week ahead. Don’t worry if you miss it, the video will be published at the bottom of this page once it’s finished. View the event in Facebook here.
Algiz the rune of protection, guidance and help

This week we move into the half month of Algiz/Elhaz, a rune of great blessing, symbolising protection and defence. Call on Algiz for guidance, protection and connection with your own guardian spirits and guides.  Find out more on Algiz here. 

What’s in the Hearthspace this week?

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This month we’re exploring the theme of ‘The Gateway and the Gatekeeper’ including our regular rune reading, story session, emodiment and meditation class.

Hearth hygge: The Gateway and the Gatekeeper on Friday, January 29, 2021 at 12:30 PM UTC

Our monthly get together to discuss the theme of the month.

This online event will take place in the private Hearthspace Facebook group which is part of our Hearthspace membership. This group session isn’t recorded but you can access the training any time from the group’s learning units library. Find out more on the event by visiting the Hearthspace Facebook group. 

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