Here’s an insight into what we’ve got coming up this week; including how you can work with the energies of the planets and runes as well as a look at what’s going on in the Hearthspace.

Valaskjalf is one of Odin’s Halls and means ‘shelf of the slain’; it is said to have a roof of pure silver. It is sacred to Odin’s son Vali who was conceived to avenge the death of his half-brother Baldur. Vali is a protector of justice and honour.  He will survive the twilight of the Gods and claim his own destiny.  Perthro, Algiz and Sowilo fall within Vali’s sphere in a birth runes chart.  Valaskjalf is equivalent to Aquarius in the Zodiac. 

Thor’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Jupiter) in Algiz calls us to have faith in the face of uncertainty.  Thor is known as the protector of Midgard (middle earth – the realm of humanity).  Algiz is the rune of protection and guidance; it is sometimes said to symbolise the rainbow bridge connecting the heavens and the earth.  Thor is so mighty that, alone among the gods, he strides with ease through the rushing waters that divide us and has no need for the bridge.  In Algiz he reminds us that the fear of what is to come is often worse than the actuality; have faith and, even when the rainbow is obscured by the clouds he will find a way through.

Tyr’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mars) in Laguz brings forgotten dreams to the surface.  Laguz is the rune of water and, in Tyr, the great warrior priest we find the spear that cleaves through the water.  Ancient ships long sunk beneath the waves rise to the call of his sword.  Healing is possible at this time and recovery of old dreams, ideas and beliefs.  Tyr is Laguz is especially powerful as, further out in the cosmos Teiwaz, the rune of Tyr is resonating in the sphere of Aegir – the god of the deep sea.  This combination makes workings to find old truths hidden beneath the waters of time and memory particularly powerful.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Sowilo is a recognition of power and purpose.  Although the northern tradition is full of allusions to ‘doom’ and ‘fate’ the Gods themselves are not averse to forging their own path.  Odin is relentless in his pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment.  Yes, the twilight of the Gods has been foretold – but as long as he’s got anything to do with it that twilight could be deferred for a long, long while.  With the full light of the Sun upon his face he connects to his dream and his purpose.  Things not going the way you planned?  Switch it up.

Middle Earth Readings

Join Maggie on Monday 18th December at 11:00 AM UTC for our regular Facebook Live sharing inspiration and insight for the week ahead. Don’t worry if you miss it, the video will be published at the bottom of this page once it’s finished. View the event in Facebook here.

We’re still in the half month of Perthro, one of the most enigmatic of runes. Work with Perthro can help you perceive the deeper mysteries of life, and align your actions with the flow of energy both within and external to you. Find out more on Perthro here. 

What’s in the Hearthspace this week?

Not yet a member of our Hearthspace training community?  Joining is easy.  £9.99 per month and you can cancel any time.

This month we’re exploring the theme of ‘The Gateway and the Gatekeeper’ including our regular rune reading, story session, emodiment and meditation class.

Meditation and embodiment: Perthro on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 12:15 PM UTC

In the session we’ll be working with Perthro to release, cleanse and empower.

This online event will take place in the private Hearthspace Facebook group which is part of our Hearthspace membership. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, this live stream will be available to watch even after it has ended. The event will be followed by a practical group session using the Perthro meditation and embodiment exercise. We’ll be doing this session on Zoom at 12:45 PM UTC. This group session isn’t recorded but you can access the training any time from the group’s learning units library. Find out more on the event by visiting the Hearthspace Facebook group. 

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