Here’s your weekly update on what’s going on with the planetary movements and what events are coming up in the Hearthspace.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) is now in Jera, literally meaning ‘Year’ and precursor to the modern ‘Y/J’ sounds. The two arms of the Jera rune remind us that the growth of the new year springs from the dying winter of the old. Likewise, the summer itself births the winter as the blade strikes to cut the corn and the fruit falls from the boughs. The figures of Sumar (Summer) and Vetr (Winter) are often depicted as being in conflict – yet in the extremes of their natures they evoke the spirits of each other.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Jera ends a long period of turbulence, strife and impasse. The rune of the year and harvest succeeds the ice (Isa), the need fire (Nathiz) and the storm (Hagalaz). The way becomes clear and action is required. Its results will take time to bear fruit, let your wise eye guide your actions.

Tyr’s Chariot in (Romen equivalent Mars) in Mannaz calls us out to judgement. Mannaz is the rune of humanity itself. It may not be a battle-field but we are all still called to act with integrity, to do what is right and not what is easy. This period of time represents a second point at which Tyr, the great warrior God moves into the rune of humanity. His is the way of nobility, sacrifice and integrity. He extends his hand to to help us live up to our highest ideals.

Middle Earth Readings

Join Maggie on Monday 14th December at 11:00 AM UTC for our regular Facebok Live sharing inspiration and insight for the week ahead. Don’t worry if you miss it, the video will be published at the bottom of this page once it’s finished. View the event in Facebook here.

What’s in the Hearthspace this week?

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Through the month our Hearth topic is ‘the silent mysteries of winter’.  We’ll be sharing inspirations throughout December.

Embodiment and meditation: the axis mundi of Eihwaz and Jera on Friday, December 18, 2020 at 12:15 PM UTC

Live session taking you through the key concepts for embodiment and meditation using Eihwaz and Jera as the axis mundi.

This online event will take place in the private Hearthspace Facebook group which is part of our Hearthspace membership. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, this live stream will be available to watch even after it has ended. The event will be followed by a group session putting with Eihwaz and Jera embodiment and meditation into practice at 12:45 PM UTC. This group session isn’t recorded but you can access the training any time from the group’s learning units library. 

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