We’ve got quite a busy week to look forward to, with three planetary movements. Here’s a reminder of them and how you can work with the energies.

Another wave of economic and financial stability is likely with reserves ebbing low. Give generously where you can remembering your time, effort and love add weight to the balance. Thor reminds us that it is our actions, not our wealth that determines our value. Look for opportunity and hold tenaciously to your path. In darkness our flames are brightest.

Power runes: All fire runes are powerful at this time, draw on their power. Eihwaz is particularly potent (and through the winter months in the northern hemisphere). Men were said to take shelter in the branches of the World Tree when the winters were harshest; one of it’s names is ‘fire’s keeper’.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Nauthiz brings the sharp focus of necessity and desire. What needs have you left untended? What wounds are still to heal? The sounds of battle rage in the distance. Run and they will pursue. Take up arms and trust that your noblest nature will guide you true.

Power runes: Look to your First Thread rune to hold you steady through this time. Nauthiz adds extra fierceness to its nature.

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Wunjo calls us to prepare our hearts for the days ahead when family and ancestry are honoured. Tend to your hearth, walk your land, commemorate the dead. Honour the small rituals that remind us of the gifts given to humanity: memory, creativity, story-weaving.

Power runes: Raidho to walk the road. Kenaz to tend the flame. Eihwaz to preserve those we love. Berkano to sooth the souls of the living and the dead. Ehwaz for those who are lost and Mannaz for those with the power to help them.

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