Here’s your weekly reminder of what planetary movements are in store for us and how you can work with them.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Hagalaz calls forth the Wild Hunt once more. It is felt as restlessness, a sense of abandon and sometimes as a loss of hope. Remember that it is calling forth the ‘ghosts’ of your soul – those things that need to stir and be cleared. Keep yourself rooted in your daily rituals, your brightest vision and your highest ideals and the storm will serve you.

Power runes: Eihwaz is an excellent rune to work with at this time. Call on it to provide the strength of a great tree in the wind. Trust your roots, feel your strength and let yourself be bent and cleansed by the storm.

Ydalir is equivalent to Sagittarius in the Zodiac.  Ydalir means ‘Yew-Dale’ which speaks of silence, introspection and eternal life. Ullr is strong, unconventional, fearless and happiest when flying across the snow on his swift skis. Call on him to establish autonomy, independence and defend unconventional choices.

Power runes: Uruz, Isa and Eihwaz all call forth the strength and wisdom of Ullr. If you have these in your chart you can call on him for inner wisdom.

Urd’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Uranus) is one of the ‘big-3’ signifying big, world changing events. Urd’s chariot passed through Mannaz in January-May 2020 and is now re-visiting its course. It represents a potential second chance to get things right, albeit with less power available for positive change than was the case earlier in the year. Remember that Wyrd flows as both the collective and individual fate so hold your head proud and do what is in your heart. Urd will move out of retro-grade in January and will re-enter Laguz in March making the first part of 2021 very important for our collective fate.

Power runes: Draw on your own birth runes and power runes to strengthen your purpose.



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  1. Awesome thank you Maggie I started last Monday with kenaz as my rune for the day and had a wild ride and today kenaz again so looking forward to the ride again love and blessings 💎🧙‍♀️💜

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