Here’s a reminder of the planetary movements in store for us this week and how you can work with them.

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Hagalaz signifies a major shift in the year. Odin leaves his great Hall and mounts his Chariot to lead the Wild Hunt. In the northern hemisphere the darkening towards Winter occurs energetically now; in the Southern hemisphere the hunt is also abroad reminding us to honour our sacred relationship with the land. The Wild Hunt can be felt as a restlessness, a sense of abandon and sometimes as a loss of hope. Remember that it is calling forth the ‘ghosts’ of your soul – those things that need to stir and be cleared. Keep yourself rooted in your daily rituals, your brightest vision and your highest ideals and the storm will serve you.

Hagalaz goes retrograde on 15th October. We can expect the energy of this rune to be more challenging at this time. We may feel more vulnerable, more alone and less ready for the challenges of the present and the future. This too will pass. Trust yourself.

Power runes: Eihwaz is an excellent rune to work with at this time. Call on it to provide the strength of a great tree in the wind. Trust your roots, feel your strength and let yourself be bent and cleansed by the storm.

Tyr’s Chariot (Mars) in Ehwaz brings an unusual energy for the red planet.  Its motion is in retrograde bringing old griefs, losses, regrets and guilt to the surface of our consciousness minds from now to mid-November.  This can feel painful, debilitating and futile.  Accept the emotion as a part of what it is to live, honour the scars that have made you who you are, find the gift beneath the pain.

Power runes:  Watch for runes in your soul tapestry that call for fierce, bold and swift action (e.g. Fehu, Thurisaz, Ansuz) as well as Mannaz which will feel particularly threatened by the energy of Tyr’s Chariot in retrograde.  Work with Perthro to bring acceptance and runes that encourage movement and flow including Raidho, Sowilo and Laguz.  If you have done the Thurisaz meditation with me before you can use this to draw old harmful energies out of your energy body. 

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) brings order and grace to what can feel like a tumultuous and challenging time.  Cultivate and treasure quiet times at your Hearth.  Light a candle, make a meal or a gift for a loved one, walk the land.  Odin hunts the skies for a glimpse of the future, Frigg hunts the land for the gifts of the present.

Power runes:  Uruz, Jera, Berkano and Othala connect us to the land and are powerful at this time.  Draw on the healing of the Earth.  Remember that there is a time to sow, to tend, to harvest, to cull, to remember and to give thanks. 

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