Another quiet week with only the movement of Sunna’s Chariot in store for us. Here’s a look at how you can work with the energies. 

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Hagalaz draws out the crystalline beauty of the rune of the hail-seed. Often feared for its destructive nature Hagalaz clears the way for the new. It’s transformative energy works within to expose limiting beliefs and challenge old ways of thinking that hold you back. Externally it can feel like a loss of control – circumstances transpiring to move you out of your comfort zone. Hold on tight to the dreams, values and ideals you cherish inside you – for they are the legacy the storm leaves in its wake.

Power runes: Connect deeply and powerfully to your own Sun Rune at this time – it is the compass of your destiny. Draw strength from Uruz, hope from Wunjo, patience from Jera, support from Algiz, certainty from Sowilo and courage from Teiwaz.

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