Here’s a look at the planetary movements we’ve got to look forward to this week.   

Odin’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Mercury) in Wunjo is a positive combination. The planet is, however, in retrograde which calls forth the darker, more brooding nature of Odin. Give yourself time for introspection, reflection and solitude. Replenished and restored you will bring so much more to your people, your passions and your purpose.

Power runes: Runes of fire and air will be particularly powerful at this time.  Working with Wunjo itself as well as Sowilo and Dagaz will bring good results, particularly if you are looking for a sense of ‘what next?’ in your life.  Be warned that the information they provide may be an instinctive sense more than tangible instructions – trust your gut.

Frigg’s Chariot (Roman equivalent Venus) in Kenaz calls forth the skill, knowledge, experience and deep insight of Frigg and her handmaidens the Asyniur. All matters of stateswomanhood fall within her realm including frith-weaving: the art of tending alliances, nurturing harmony and excising influence for the greater good. Call on her for aid if you are a values-driven leader seeking to be of greater service to your community. Spinning is sacred to Frigg but any form of ‘fabric art’ will honour her.

Power runes: Runes of water and air resonate well with Frigg’s energy. Air runes include Ansuz (mental acuity and inspiration), Gebo (divine connection) and Raidho (planning) – use their powers to fuel your creative projects. Water runes include Perthro (Wyrd, opportunity, luck) and Laguz (insight, flow).

Gladsheim is equivalent to Scorpio in the Zodiac.  Odin is the All-Father, wanderer, king of the gods, warrior, sage, seer and more.  Gladsheim means ‘bright home’ which might refer to the Sun or to the sudden brilliance of lightning. Call on Odin at this time for insight, guidance, wisdom and courage.

Power runes:  Wunjo (ecstasy), Hagalaz (transformation) and Nauthiz (necessity) all have their half months (when Sunna’s Chariot is in the rune) under Odin’s stewardship and call out different aspects and blessings from the God. Mannaz is an excellent rune to work with through this period to integrate learning and stand firm in your sovereignty.

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