This week is slightly less busy with just one planetary movement for us to explore. Nonetheless, here’s an insight into the movement of Sunna’s Chariot and how you can work with the energies.

Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in Wunjo brings out the pure, radiant light of the rune of ecstasy, family, friendship and fulfilment. Like the last brilliant rays of the sun as it sets on the horizon Wunjo speaks of the sweetness of life. Time spent in play, pleasure and gratitude is just as essential to a human being as time spent serving and creating.   

Power runes:  Wunjo is a rune of light and those with Sowilo, Dagaz and Algiz in their birth runes will draw particular strength through this half month. It is a rune of great depth but resonates with a playfulness that makes it an excellent counter to the heavier energies of runes such as Uruz, Isa, Eihwaz and Thurisaz. 

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