Hello Hearthspacers!  Happy Monday vibes to you.  Here is a reminder of the smaller planetary movements for the coming week and how you can work with them.

Raidho reminds us to pay attention to the habits and rituals that make up the building blocks of our life.  Grand gestures and big events only contribute a small proportion of the overall impact we have in our lifetimes.  The major shifts occurring in the world can both disrupt our natural rhythms and present opportunities for greater alignment and harmony. 

Power runes:  Rhythm and ritual don’t need to mean constriction.  If you have more fluid and speedy runes such as Fehu, Ansuz, Perthro, Ehwaz and Laguz in your birth runes spending time honouring Raidho can help you channel and maximise their energies.  Runes that tend to resist the ordering function of Raidho are Thurisaz and Isa.  The first two respond well to time spent meditating on the rhythm and power of the heart.  For Isa the positive aspected relationship comes through focusing on the grace and poise that can be achieved through steady practice.  

Legend is full of examples of Odin’s thirst for knowledge.  The names of his wolves Geri and Freki both mean ‘the ravenous’ or ‘greedy one’.  I’m feeling a real edginess to Odin in Kenaz this cycle – worry, anxiety and a tendency to stress are coming through strongly.  Remember that creative endeavours are as much about pleasure as they are productivity.

Power runes:  Earthy, grounded energies will be needed here so look for runes like Uruz, Eihwaz and Othala in your chart.  People with Algiz, Sowilo and Wunjo will also be able to harness a lightness of spirit to help keep the gnawing perfectionism of Kenaz at bay.

Perthro brings out Loki’s most mischievous, flighty and capricious nature.  This is a good time to take calculated risks, test your boundaries and nurture your adventurous side.  Don’t get reckless or complacent though – the key to success is making sure the odds are stacked in your favour before you strike.

Power runes:  Ansuz, Perthro, Wunjo, Algiz and Ehwaz are all good runes to work with and strengthen where they are present in your chart.  They will help you respond speedily and sensitively to what’s going on around you.  Isa has the power to resist the flow and Dagaz to see through the mists (those of you who have worked with Dagaz spectacles before might like to try it out again…)

From 10th September Odin will be much more in his element.  Now is a good time to seek counsel and guidance from a patron deity which will help overcome some of the uncertainty and obscurity generally felt at the moment.  If you are able to spend some time lying on the ground and gazing at the sky.  Let the earth absorb any stress you’re carrying around with you.  Open yourself up to unseen possibilities.

Power runes:  Airy runes will be very powerful at this time (Ansuz, Gebo, Wunjo, Algiz).  Teiwaz and Berkano are also available if you want to work to honour the divine mascule and divine feminine in your life.

Frigg DOES NOT like her boundaries being crossed and this combination can therefore be uncomfortable for those of us feeling it here on earth.  If tempers become frayed at home or in the workplace take some time to tend a place sacred to you – somewhere which remains inviolable and sacrosanct despite whatever’s going on out there in your hearth and realm.

Power runes:  watch for the fiery aggressive runes as they are liable to kick off at this time.  Even the icier and more watery runes will struggle to go unaffected.  If you are really feeling it Inguz is your best bet.  Imagine its diamond shape forming a container around you. 

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