Harnessing the energies of the runes this week: 31st August – 6th September

Hello Hearthspacers!  Here we are in the first week of September which means you have your audio recording giving you an overview of the month in the main Hearthspace.  Below you’ll find some more detail on the bigger picture and energies ready for you to work with through the coming week.


The Big Picture

As a reminder of the bigger picture  Hela is in Perthro, Aegir is in Teiwaz and Urd in Laguz.  All three are in retrograde which slows, but do not stop) the current of change.  Look at the Hearthspace features section for more on these planets.  

This combination has brought a really uncomfortable energy over the past months.  Whenever I see it a picture of Loki (the trickster) dancing on the rainbow bridge to annoy Heimdall (the watcher) always springs to mind.  On a more serious note, Loki’s Chariot is in retrograde which makes the protective energy and foresight available through Algiz even more difficult to access than it would be if the movement of the planet was direct. 

Power runes: This is a time of testing and brings out our unique ‘crisis’ mode.  Working with your First Thread rune to bring out your warrior nature is recommended.

Thor’s Chariot will remain in Eihwaz until November but will move out of retrograde on 14th September making it more possible to plan for longer term stability.

Power runes:  Those with the elements of water and fire in their birth runes will find themselves more able to tap into their leadership strength come 14th.  Those with more airy, flighty energy will be better served looking at how their support network can provide the stability they need to truly soar – out-sourcing and delegation are your friends in material matters!

These are trying times and Tyr’s Chariot in Mannaz provides the access we need to our inner resources.  It will shift into retrograde on 9th September which may bring self-doubt and a tendency to over-sacrifice.  Remember that the warrior knows when to conserve energy, when to take the cunning way and when to retreat.

Power runes:  This combination calls forth our masculine energies.  If you have a dominance of feminine energies in your birth runes watch even more carefully for a tendency to over extend yourself and give your energies to others through the retrograde period.  

The key notes this week

Raidho reminds us to pay attention to the habits and rituals that make up the building blocks of our life.  Grand gestures and big events only contribute a small proportion of the overall impact we have in our lifetimes.  The major shifts occurring in the world can both disrupt our natural rhythms and present opportunities for greater alignment and harmony. 

Power runes:  Rhythm and ritual don’t need to mean constriction.  If you have more fluid and speedy runes such as Fehu, Ansuz, Perthro, Ehwaz and Laguz in your birth runes spending time honouring Raidho can help you channel and maximise their energies.  Runes that tend to resist the ordering function of Raidho are Thurisaz and Isa.  The first two respond well to time spent meditating on the rhythm and power of the heart.  For Isa the positive aspected relationship comes through focusing on the grace and poise that can be achieved through steady practice.  

Legend is full of examples of Odin’s thirst for knowledge.  The names of his wolves Geri and Freki both mean ‘the ravenous’ or ‘greedy one’.  I’m feeling a real edginess to Odin in Kenaz this cycle – worry, anxiety and a tendency to stress are coming through strongly.  Remember that creative endeavours are as much about pleasure as they are productivity.

Power runes:  Earthy, grounded energies will be needed here so look for runes like Uruz, Eihwaz and Othala in your chart.  People with Algiz, Sowilo and Wunjo will also be able to harness a lightness of spirit to help keep the gnawing perfectionism of Kenaz at bay.

Perthro brings out Loki’s most mischievous, flighty and capricious nature.  This is a good time to take calculated risks, test your boundaries and nurture your adventurous side.  Don’t get reckless or complacent though – the key to success is making sure the odds are stacked in your favour before you strike.

Power runes:  Ansuz, Perthro, Wunjo, Algiz and Ehwaz are all good runes to work with and strengthen where they are present in your chart.  They will help you respond speedily and sensitively to what’s going on around you.  Isa has the power to resist the flow and Dagaz to see through the mists (those of you who have worked with Dagaz spectacles before might like to try it out again…)

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  1. Thank you Maggie really enjoyed that I keep forgetting about the hearth space ive been concentrating on the course must remember to come here

  2. I’m getting back into the flow with the hearthspace and runes last couple of weeks I’ve struggled a bit loving Raidho all ready and so glad I found myself back at the hearth

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