To me the Equinox really is a hinge of the year; it sits bang in the middle of the half month of Kenaz.  All is in balance as Summar (Summer) and Vetr (Winter) are equal in power.   Let’s take a look at what the week has in store.

Odin is the patron of Wunjo as well as Gebo so we’re set for some lovely positive energy through this period too.  What brings you pleasure?  Pure, happy, child-like pleasure?  Do it.  If you’re of a poetic bent now is the time for reading and writing from the soul.  Wunio speaks of family and friends but don’t forget that time alone (particularly if you are an introvert) is an important vessel for fulfilment and happiness.

Power runes:  Runes of fire and air will be particularly powerful at this time.  Working with Wunjo itself as well as Sowilo and Dagaz will bring good results, particularly if you are looking for a sense of ‘what next?’ in your life.  Be warned that the information they provide may be an instinctive sense more than tangible instructions – trust your gut.

Glitnir is equivalent to Libra in the Zodiac.  Forsetti is a judge and law-maker who presides over disputes.   His influence will be particularly helpful in managing some of the trickier energies that abound at present – particularly until Frigg transits on 26th.  Call on him for patience, right judgement and political acumen.

Power runes: Kenaz, Gebo and Wunjo all have their half months (when Sunna’s Chariot is in the rune) under Forsetti’s stewardship and call out different aspects and blessings from the God.  Ansuz (communication), Raidho (order) and Mannaz (sovereignty) are also excellent runes to work with through this period.

Frigg’s Chariot in Ansuz speaks of the partnership between Odin and Frigg.  Frigg calls forth her consort as the great All Father as these two deities strive to rule and honour each others’ natures.  On the surface all is ordered and stately, but underneath their power is fierce, fluid and potent.

Power runes:  Frigg’s Chariot calls forth the watery aspect of Ansuz; the great river opening up onto the vistas of the future.  Water runes including Laguz and Perthro will be full of potent, magical, energy at this time.  To step more fully into your sovereign power work with Uruz or Mannaz will be beneficial.  

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