I can’t believe the Equinox is almost upon us!  Here’s what we’ve got to look forward to through the week ahead…  

A less busy week but Frigg’s packing some punch and the half month of Kenaz will bring some powerful energy!

Frigg DOES NOT like her boundaries being crossed and this combination can therefore be uncomfortable for those of us feeling it here on earth.  If tempers become frayed at home or in the workplace take some time to tend a place sacred to you – somewhere which remains inviolable and sacrosanct despite whatever’s going on out there in your hearth and realm.

Power runes:  watch for the fiery aggressive runes as they are liable to kick off at this time.  Even the icier and more watery runes will struggle to go unaffected.  If you are really feeling it Inguz is your best bet.  Imagine its diamond shape forming a container around you. 

If you’ve been putting off a creative project now’s the time to crack out the paints/ pen/ clay etc.  Equally, if you’ve got a course you want to go on or a really juicy book on your shelf you’ve been dying to read get cracking.  Kenaz wants action so get into flow and create/ manifest.  Where Kenaz comes unstuck is when we let our inner critic turn all that fiery energy inwards.

Power runes:  Kenaz responds well to most runes except other fire runes where you might expect some imbalance to creep in.  You’ll want some nice earthy of watery runes to balance it out if you’ve got lots of fire runes in your chart.  Your watch words are ‘expression, flow, creativity and manifestation’.  

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